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Big Shar (1983)

Released from prison after five years, con-artist Szu is sent packing by his young wife; he heads for the town of Lutyn where he runs a con and attracts the interest of Jurek, a young cab driver who imagines himself a great grifter. Szu ("Sharp") teaches Jurek a few tricks enabling the young man to win some money in Wroclaw, then Sharp departs with Jola, a prostitute who offers him a mark. How that plays out, Jurek's determination to win big, Sharp's cold calculations, and the wages of sin await.

Original Title: Wielki Szu

  • Sylwester Checinski
  • Ano: 1983
  • Duração: 96 min.
  • País:
  • Language: Polski

Jan Nowicki

Wielki Szu

Leon Niemczyk

Stefan Mikun

Andrzej Pieczynski

Taxi Driver Jurek
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