To Die... To Sleep... Perchance to Dream (1976)

Given the proximity of death, the experiences of the past come to the memory of Juan. In a fragmented, sometimes confused way, Juan relives the crucial moments of his life, always linked to the names of women. Moments that remind him of having missed numerous opportunities to be happy. Eulalia, her mother, a kind and loving person who dies because of the pain caused by the premature death of her daughter. Ana Mari, the companion of children's games with whom she meets again at maturity to practice other less innocent games. Margarita, the girl with whom she initiates in sex. And his two wives, Luisa, who died during the war, and Elena who attends her last sighs.

Original Title: Morir... dormir... tal vez soñar

  • Manuel Mur Oti
  • Ano: 1976
  • Duração: 97 min.
  • País:
  • Language: Español
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