Tale of the Siberian Land (1947)

His right hand having been wounded during the war, concert pianist Andrei Balashov is unable to perform his art. As a result, the young man feels so depressed that he considers his life wasted. One day, he decides to leave the capital and flee from the woman he loves, Natasha, a rising singing star. Andrei takes refuge in Siberia, his native land. Once there, he gets a job in a sawmill, where he entertains his fellow-workers playing the accordion during leisure hours. Some time later, Natasha and her company are expected in America where they are to do a tour. But an airplane breakdown forces the pilot to land next to the village in which Andrei lives and works...

Original Title: Сказание о земле Сибирской

  • Ivan Pyryev
  • Ano: 1947
  • Duração: 114 min.
  • País:
  • Language: Pусский

Vasili Zajchikov

Prof. Vadim Sergeyevich Igonin

Vladimir Druzhnikov

Andrei Nikolayevich Balashov

Marina Ladynina

Natasha Pavlovna Malinina

Boris Andreyev

Yakov Zakharonovich Burmak

Vera Vasileva

Nastenka Petrovna Gusenkova

Vladimir Zeldin

Boris Olenich

Grigoriy Shpigel

Grigori "Grisha" Galadya
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