Sri Raja Rajeswari (2001)

Rasaiya and Rajeswari are tribal newly weds, out for a midnight stroll in the forest. Three drunk businessmen('Nizhalgal' Ravi, Thyagu, Ponnambalam) accost them and when Rajeswari refuses to succumb to their advances, they kill the couple. Rajeswari is them reborn as the child of a poor couple and once she remembers her past, starts taking her revenge. Once she has disposed off the first two, she finds out that the son of the third is a look-alike of Rasaiya. When Rasaiya ends up marrying the girl of his father's choice, Rajeswari attempts to prevent the consummation of their relationship and steal her husband back.

Original Title: Sri Raja Rajeswari

  • Bharathi Kannan
  • Ano: 2001
  • Duração: 142 min.
  • País:
  • Language: தமிழ்
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