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Loneliness in the Net (2006)

Ewa lives in Poland, Jakub in Germany. Her world is a TV newsroom; his a science lab and lecture hall. They have met once before on passing trains at Berlin ZOO Station, but neither of them remember this encounter. They accidentally meet again--they both take a liking to the same painting on an internet auction. From that moment on they start meeting on the net and become closer and closer to each other. Safely, from a distance, they take a chance and it seems they are close to a win. Eventually they decide to meet in person. He makes the journey from New Orleans, she takes off from Warsaw. This time their tracks cross in Paris. But fate likes to play a hand too and she turns out to be a sophisticated player.

Original Title: [email protected] w sieci

  • Witold Adamek
  • Ano: 2006
  • Duração: 124 min.
  • Language: Polski
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