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Neredesin Firuze (2004)

Having failed incredibly many times in attempts to find a big talent and to be rich, the two producers and their only two contracted singers struggle to clean their debts and make their dreams come true, no matter what happens. Being in a tight spot, they rely on a gastarbeiter who they hear sing over the phone. They desperately invite him to Turkey. Then, out of the blue, an inspirational lady, Firuze, shows up and supports the gang both morally and financially. With the support they receive from Firuze, the gang start walking, slowly but decisively, towards their aim. Just when they think they really can turn things around, they learn that Firuze is actually a schizophrenic and they did it all by themselves.

Original Title: Neredesin Firuze

  • Ezel Akay
  • Ano: 2004
  • Duração: 128 min.
  • Language: en
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