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La prima volta (di mia figlia) (2015)

Alberto (Riccardo Rossi) is a local doctor, neat freak, separated by ten years and totally dedicated - emotionally and emotionally - to old daughter, Bianca (Benedetta Gargari). A day like all the others of his life completely organized, methodical and tidy, comes a bolt from the blue: the law of the hidden diary of Bianca that his little girl is going to make love for the first time! Alberto is in a panic, had not imagined it could get that day for her daughter: the angel of his life ...

Original Title: La prima volta (di mia figlia)

  • Riccardo Rossi
  • Ano: 2015
  • País:
  • Language: Italiano

Stefano Fresi


Giampiero Mancini

Federico Gualerzi

Roberta Fiorentini

La madre di Giovanni

Giacomo Ferrara

Alberto Santini a 19 anni

Francesca Alice Antonini

Irene De Angelis a 16 anni

Maria Roveran

Marina a 21 anni

Simone Liberati

Fabio Puccioni

Francesca Ciccanti

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